Why am I running for City Council?

We're taking back Toronto, neighbourhood by neighbourhood.

We're going to do that by creating Neighbourhood Action Committees (NACs) throughout Ward 10, Spadina-Fort York.

These decision-making committees will be a collaborative, participatory group of neighbourhood locals who will decide what they want for the neighbourhood and I will take my direction from these committees. My office will organize these committees, so everyone's voice is heard, from Residents' and Neighbourhood Associations, BIAs, Condo Boards, TCHC residents, Co-ops, Institutions, Schools, Community Centres, individuals, groups, owners, renters, whoever is local in their neighbourhood.

We're going to take Toronto back, neighbourhood by neighbourhood in Spadina-Fort York. The NACs will take Toronto back.

The Neighbourhood Action Committees (NACs) to be created:
Liberty Village NAC
CityPlace NAC
Fort York NAC
Southcore NAC
Entertainment District NAC
Financial District NAC
Esplanade NAC
Bathurst Quay NAC
Waterfront NAC
Toronto Island NAC
St. Lawrence Market NAC
Garment District NAC
Distillery District NAC
Dundas, Queen, King, Front and more, every neighbourhood will have a NAC.

I've lived in our community since 2003, been a community leader since 2010, and witnessed how our neighbourhood has transformed without our voice. I want to represent our voice and fight for change that matters to us. l want to work for you. Now I'm listening, tell me what matters to you because I have the experience, the know-how, and the connections to make change happen. My local accomplishments are many, I know how to get things done and have a proven track record.

Locally, the population has grown, the support and services have not. We are faced with increasing traffic congestion, safety concerns, lack of affordable rental housing and livable common spaces. Promises were made, but not kept. We deserve to be heard and represented, we deserve better. Solutions need to be well-thought out, fact-based, balanced and work for everyone. I am here to listen and fight for our community.

Citywide, let's discuss lack of affordable rental housing, transit innovation, bringing nature back to the downtown through a park renaissance, building and expanding the Rail Deck Park further east, public art, livable spaces and much more.

Every election, we see people come into our community with promises and priorities only to be scarce until the next election.

I have been working tirelessly to be part of the solution since 2010. I founded the CityPlace Residents' Association (CPRA) and the Fort York Neighbourhood Association (FYNA). Both associations have been a platform to connect community champions and drive many improvements for our community, and we have worked with our community leader friends in Bathurst Quay, the Waterfront, the Entertainment District, King/Spadina, Spadina and more. I am a local community leader with a proven track record.

Your opinion matters and so do our neighbourhoods. We're not votes for a council seat, we're a community.

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